Mar 7, 2010


...I am thankful for:

warm boots. long johns. the "modified" version of my pilates tape. H&M. dancing until the sun comes up. long distance calls. the internet. my girls study. the library's collection of english books (new discovery!). understanding of different ideas. words of the month- (march = contentment). cinnamon honey tea. the new Starbucks by my house. rare cloud sightings. my friends at HNU. independence to make my own decisions. spare keys. coke flavored mentos. my polka dot shopping bag. my new water bottle. maps. mattifying facial primer. having a second job. airasia flight deals. friends from India. soft knitting yarn. my VPN. sparkly asian headbands. asian style in general. tea eggs. milk tea. tea farmers. laundry fabric softener. that it's mango season now (!). one dollar manicures. not having a bunny anymore. tampons. the bread man. GermX. sheer curtains. imported Pinesol cleaner. phone charms. my "Sunday" playlist. business opportunities. fun opportunities. scented trash bags. Pashmina scarves from the silk street.

freedom. I'm thankful today for freedom.

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