Mar 8, 2010

San Ba Jie Kuai Le.

(Happy Women's Day).

I uploaded pics and can't figure out how to change the order, so I am going to tell you about my day backwards...

This is going on inside my house right now....

Tonight I went to dinner with a new CBOTW. This acronym began last year from a friend as a description of my social life in reference to men. It stands for "chin.ese boyfriend of the week". Stay tuned about this one. Homeboy is hilarious. And when I told him to choose what we eat for dinner (at this swanky place near my house) he chose...jellyfish. Awesome. I'm currently washing down the after taste with a glass of Welch's juice (more to come on that later).

Then when we left dinner, we were greeted with this...


which was a wonderful chance to brush up on homeboy's english vocabulary including 'santa claus', 'merry christmas', and 'snowman'.

This afternoon at work the foreign teachers were given the women's day gift of four glass bottles of Welch's juice from the foreign affairs office because it is "an Amer.ican brand." I would have been more thankful if I didn't have to lug it across the campus and then onto the bus home and up 5 flights of stairs while holding an umbrella...but that might just be hormones talking (and wishing they would just give us higher pay instead of bribe gifts since our last paycheck was 2 weeks late, leaving us all so poor we couldn't eat). (shwoo sorry about the rant,'s proof that I will be getting my servings of fruit for the next few weeks:)

Today I taught one of my favorite lessons so far..."how to interview in an english speaking country..." The loveys loved it and I was so proud of them for talking English without my direction for over an hour! Wooohoooo, students! I was practically jumping out of my long johns in happiness over all 3 classes progress today. They rock.

It's been a pretty good "women's day" if I do say so myself. It's been one of those days where I feel like I could live here forever because of the general hilariousness/awesomeness/not knowing what the heck will come next-ness that is life here. It's been one of those days that make me laugh. Don't you love those?

Wishing you were here to play in the snow with me!
(on second thought- nevermind, I don't have heat, my 3 comforters are calling me name...wish you were here to snuggle.)

Walk slow. xoxo.

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