Oct 11, 2012

workin' on my qi.

Today I met with my Chin.ese tutor, went to the gym, answered a thousand work emails, chatted with my boss on the phone, told some students to suck it up (not really, but kinda), met a friend for pizza, then we decided our day needed a little pizzaz...

Enter: blind massages and hot cupping. 

Next on the agenda, clean my bathroom mirror and do side crunches to work on those pesky love handles.

And by that I mean, watch Survivor on cbs.com while occasionally looking over my shoulder and admiring my newly acquired spots.

I love hot cupping. Hurts so good.

I also love listening to the dialogue while getting massaged.

another customer who came after we chatted and introduced everything about ourselves including marital status, weight, age, years in Ch.ina, that my hair is naturally red and curly, and salary (most of which I lie about)..."Where are they from?"

my massager: "They are from America."
customer: "How do you know?"
massager: "I am international. I can tell where people are from."
me: "giggle."
customer: "She understands us! She must understand us!"
me: silent.

...5 minutes later...

customer: "Their hair must be dyed." (my friend also has auburn hair)
massager: "It's natural. It is deep yellow like all Americans."
customer: "Oh."
me: silent.

We turned an average Thursday into a fun one.
Hope yours is good, too.
With or without detoxifying your qi or dying your naturally deep yellow hair.

walk slow. xoxo. 


agapelife said...

sounds wonderful

Mom said...

I want hot cups!!!!