Oct 8, 2012


Someone send me a sticker! 

I voted today! (via absentee ballot for the second time...wow...)

My absentee ballot popped into my email inbox last week all the way from suburban Florida and this morning I faxed it into my neighborhood precinct thousands of miles away. Easy as pie. 

The lady at the copy shop where I paid 10 cents to vote asked me what I was doing. 

"Making my choice for America's president." 

"This is voting?" 

"Yes, this is voting. You see? I mark this name or this name and then sign it. I can make my choice and hope for the best." 

"How do you know the best choice?" 

"I don't, but I do research and choose because of what is important to me. I just hope for the best." 

"Oh. Americans. So many choices! How burdensome!" 


And then I went and bought a coffee to celebrate the freedom to vote as a young woman living in a Comm country. I'm thankful to live in this day and age. I am thankful for my country. 

If you have the freedom to, vote in November. And hope for the best. It's your right. 

walk slow. xoxo. 

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agapelife said...

great post! thanks for sharing your dialogue witth the copy lady!