Oct 9, 2012

candy corn and taco seasoning.

Today was special. 

I woke up at the butt-crack-of-dawn and got a 7-something am train to Shanghai to meet up with one of my BFFs mom! My friend Ellie's mom is in town for a tour and had a free day to spend with me. I was so excited to go meet her. 

G train. Hangzhou - Shanghai

I met the group of 4 at their hotel and then we ventured to a temple in the middle of the city...

Jing An Temple

It's so fun to watch people experience Chi.na for the first time. I found myself saying things like, "Ch.ina is so special..." and "In my city we...." haha. They were gracious to put up with my motor mouth and energy.

teach 'em young

After a stroll through the French Concession, we made our way to the Pearl Tower for a delicious noodle lunch and a trip to the viewing deck! I had never been up the pearl tower and was so excited. I kept thanking them for my "staycation."


The views were cool.


170km from home! ha.


The Huangpu River. Overlooking the "Bund" area....

view from Pudong

I was only brave enough to take a few steps out on the glass platform! Kicking myself now for not laying down and getting a cool pic! Next time...

that's a long way down. 

We traveled back to their hotel via subway (they are real travel troupers) and was gifted a bag of goodies from "Merica! I kept trying to pay her, but Ellie's mom was so generous and insisted I take the gifts.

me and momma!

I got: razors, face wash, books(!!!), taco seasoning, candy corn, Crystal Light packets, and a bunch of Estee Lauder samples (lipstick!) It was like Christmas! I'm really feeling spoiled since my mom came last June, then sent me another large package, and now this personally delivered package. I may never move back to America if people keep sending me things! (haha, jk).  

Most things are available here in some form (face wash and razors, for example), but I still hold onto a few of my American brands for quality purposes. And things like lipstick and candy are a treat that make a day a little sweeter. Tomorrow when I am on the bus to work, I will pop a Crystal Light into my bottle of water and be reminded of Ellie's mom's kindness, and Publix, and America, and all things good and wonderful and convenient. :) ha. 

my goodies.

What a special day. It's like my Ellie friend was here, only not.

Thank you, Ellie and Momma! First and foremost for spending the day with me and hanging out, and also for the sweet gifts.

I have great friends. Near and far.

walk slow. xoxo. 

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That sounds like such a sweet time!!