Sep 27, 2010

bike locks and opera.

Today my friend Hannah's bike broke. Then she fixed it and was greeted with the applause of the grannies club playing cards by the gate to my neighborhood. That was fun.

Then I went to see an opera show at my university. I invited one of my old students who is living near my campus for an internship.

Me and Urey at the main gate to my school.

I don't have anything poignant to say because I'm exhausted. My medication is really reeking havoc this week - not sure why. Hoping for some better observations and updates tomorrow. I'm off to finish homework then hit the hay.

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

Jessica, your pictures are beautiful! You're looking great in your jeans! I love the colors of the Chinese ladies' dresses.

Hope you are feeling better!