Sep 18, 2010

2/3 reunited.

Tonight Jing-a-ling-ling (aka 1/3 of the marvelous "DREAM TEAM" of 2008-2009) came to visit again!

We were classmates at Concordia and co-workers at HDU and created some of the best memories I have in as the laughing, ridiculous threesome of friends who dubbed ourselves the "dream team" because of our tri-coloredness and overall awesomeness. (a bff group of a Haitian American, Chi.nese American, and huge redhead makes for an awesome time in

I could go on and on about how those were "the good ol' days" and how I still giggle to myself while walking down the street having a funny memory pop into my head....but we could be here forever. So I'll just let you know how great it was today. Not tell you how great it was 15 months ago. Gotta live in the now, eh?

This afternoon Jing texted me saying she was in town unexpectedly. We met up for dinner with our Chin.ese friend Steven and then walked down the famous HeFangJie street.

I love when Jing visits. She is working in the Expo in Shan.ghai and leaves in 2 months, so only 2 months left for random visits! It's amazing how 2 years ago when I first got to Ch.ina, 2 months seemed like such a loooong time. Now it's like - What! Only 2 months left! Amazing how perspective of time changes.

Anywho, being with Jing always brings a flood of good memories; some ridiculous, all entertaining. It's nice to be able to sit back and relax with someone who was here in the beginning. There's not many of those left.

On HeFangJie. Lovin' the beautiful night lights and lanterns in the store windows.

We saw a police man getting his portrait painted.

And watched an entertaining game of "knock the wooden dolls over" a la carnival style.

It was great to reconnect.

I'm off to bed because I have class tomorrow on a Sunday! Chinese logic says that when you give people a holiday, they must make it up on the weekends. So I am paying for this Thursday and Friday's Mid-Autumn festival by going to class tomorrow. NEWS FLASH: Then it's not a holiday! Gah. Asian common sense. Gotta love it. Or at least live with it.

walk slow. xoxo.

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