Jun 1, 2010

Call me Jericho...

The walls finally came tumbling down.

I cried at work today. Big, salty, elephant tears.

In the middle of a student final exam presentation.

I've been holding back the gushiness in an attempt to remain professional and "with it" (what does that even mean anyway?) But alas, a sweet presentation addition about how much they have learned caught me in a weak moment and - boom - the inevitable occurred. I showed them I'm a human. A sad human. A sad human who doesn't want to quit her job.

I apologize in advance for the [weepy, sentimental, exhausting,] melodramatic posts and pictures I am about to leave a trail of in the internet world in the next 2 weeks.

It's just that these little monkey butts are not making it easy to leave:

Have you ever felt this way? Can't leave, can't stay....blah blah blah. I feel like there's a country song about this conflict of emotion...there's gotta be...

'til the next tear falls... (I told you....melodramatic...)

Walk slow. xoxo.

1 comment:

agapelife said...

I love your being melodramatic, it makes me feel better about my own melodrama. This is precious Jess, and yes I've felt that way. I did not want to graduate Flagler at all!
you're amazing, and so are your students.