Jun 8, 2010

Round Two: Tuesday.

Goodbye Tuesday, 8am class: computer science and automation majors;

With names like Lucifer, Mars, and LeMar, you made me smile even when I was just taking role. You were a wonderful way to start the day - no students ever missing and great attitudes even at 8am. A few of my favorite students sit among you, though you'll never know who they are, but I can name them here - Susan, Mark, and Robin. I just adore you. If we were to meet in any other circumstance our friendship would run deep. I see you as equals more than any other class. I'm not sure why, maybe because your posture and strong voices demand respect, maybe because you do your work well, don't complain, and are honest with your feelings. That might be it - you are refreshingly honest. I want to name my children after students in your class: Fiona for a girl and Robin for a boy. You've made significant academic progress, but the most important progress is in your confidence. Well done, my dears.

Goodbye, Tuesday 10am class: computer engineering majors;

You are a hoot. You are unique, quirky, and interesting. You lack the "cool" factor of my other classes and instead have a special quality - character. Just tons of off-the-wall character. I never know what to expect with you. You keep me on my toes in a profession that I pride myself in understanding. During group skits I probably laughed the loudest in this class. You bleed creativity, which is so rare amongst your peers. You have some interesting humans in your mix - and I can always count on you to keep me in check, make me keep my promises, and answer questions fully. You think differently, you solve problems in unconventional ways, and you ask smart questions. You challenged me to be a good teacher because I didn't want to be the most boring one in the classroom. Thank you for that.

Goodbye, Tuesday 1:35pm class: marketing majors;

Oh, you. Is it possible to be completely enamored with and absolutely pissed off by a group of people at the same time? Yes, you have proven to me, yes. I walked out on you once. And you called me repeatedly until I came back. You are collectively stubborn, stuck in your ways, too old/mature/grown up to be bothered with my silly class. Yet you endeared yourself to me. Engaged me in conversation before class each week. There are a few of you who I feel I know the most about out of all my students because we spent so much time together before and after class just chatting. Five of you excelled in the graduate speech contest. One of you has worked abroad in Jap.an. Two of you make me giggle just seeing you in the hall because I think you are so adorable. Maybe you as a whole intimidate me. Maybe you intimidate yourselves. Whatever the case, I wish you the best. Knowing you, you won't settle for anything less.

One more day of goodbye's...and then I am officially unemployed, uninsured, and homeless.
It feels strange to walk away from a job I love. I hope this is worth it.

Walk slow. xoxo.

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