May 30, 2010

Jing Returns!

It's been a whirlwind weekend like always.

Thursday night was Book Club, in which we celebrated by meeting at a local hangout instead of one of our houses because we have finally finished tackling War and Peace. (shhhh... I didn't finish). We sat and counted the weeks and realized we only have time for one more book (2 weeks). This is so sad to me. Half of our 4 person group is returning to the states for grad school next year. I'm going to miss this weekly session of reading, character analyzing, and general literacy merriment.

After book club I went to a fancy schmancy piano bar with a random man I met a few weeks ago. He called and in an act of insanity/language misinterpretation agreed to meet him. I got in his Jeep (not the first time I drive off with a person I barely know) and we went to a snazzy place. This dude cracks me up because he just wants to know english. He is unassuming, doesn't hit on me, and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable or that he has alterior motives. So refreshing from a Chin.ese male acquaintance. We talked Chin.ese for about 3 hours and then I told him it was too late and he drove me home.

The reason I chose to document this random encounter is because it marks the official longest conversation I have had with someone who speaks absolutely no English and who doesn't know me and know my Chin.ese speaking tendencies/wrong habits of speaking. wooohooooo.

Friday I went to karoake with my foreign girl posse. I love this crew. I would die without them for my weekend entertainment crowd/girl talk/general friendship. We are: Rita from Russia, Susanne from Holland, Yemi from Nigeria, Natasha from Ukraine, Lina from Turkmenistan, Kristine from LA who's mom is a Chin.ese national, and me - Jessica from New Port Richey. (A few key bff's were missing on jaunts to Shan.ghai or Kong for the weekend). I truly believe peace between vastly contradicting nations is possible, all we need is a little karoake and some patience.

Saturday was exciting because Jing came to visit! Jing is the Asian third of the DREAM TEAM. (aka my best friend trio from last year who I miss everyday). Jing is working at the USA Pavillion of the Sha.nghai Expo and came back to HZ for a night. I haven't seen her since we left Korea last year at the end of our amazing vacation.

We went to dinner with my friend Laura and then met up with a bunch of old and new friends at the Chin.ese bars we used to frequent (where we learned Chin.ese, basically). I haven't been back all year so it was really sentimental to all be together in a palce we used to chill.

We danced, sang, played Chin.ese dice games, laughed, and reminisced. Like the old days, we stayed out til the sun rose (a former rule) and then had breakfast at McDonalds while old people did Tai Chi out front (also a former tradition while in grad school). We both agreed that we loved remembering the "old times" (I'm too young to have "old times!") but that we are happy that period is over. I'm too old to stay out that late so often, I can't hang with the kiddies anymore! haha.

We woke up (too) early this morning and had brunch at the french restaurant in town (also a former hangout) and then Jing was off on her merry way back to Shan.ghai. It was wonderful to have her in town. The 24 hour visit brought in another flood of memories. In a time when I am growing increasingly nostalgic for the present, and dreading the impending changes the next few weeks will bring, I was glad to have a piece of the past in my apartment to laugh with. Hopefully next year I'll be reminiscing on these times with someone dear.

Some photos:

we ate yummy food at the best Hangz.hounese restaurant

Jing, Angel, me, Kai - reunited at an old hang out spot:
the former Fire Cicada band, best band in HZ (we used to stalk them last year):

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. -the wonder years.

Oh Jingy, come back soon! But not too soon, my sentimental heart/sleep schedule can't take it.

Walk Slow. xoxo.


.elle.b. said...

I love your life. I'm in a book club too!And I love your foreign girl's club. It's like you're taste the rainbow! PS_ we're getting a certain lady trashy undergarments for her bachelorette party. Let me know if you have something in mind and I can give it to her as a gift from you.

agapelife said...

what a life.

Jane said...

Hi Jessica,
Remember me back from Camp Crestridge days? (I hope so, or this is awkward, haha) I have been reading your blog because my bf is over there, but he doesn't blog as much (or as well) as you do, and I love reading about it. I was wondering what the best way is to get in touch with you. I am coming over there at the end of June and I might find myself near you :)

-Jane Rowden