Sep 18, 2012

The "P" Word.

[The "P" word = rotestpay in pig latin.]

If you have been reading the news, you are away that there are alot angry people in Ch against a certain Asian neighboring country.

At first, a few days ago when my CNN homepage started reporting the news, I thought nothing of it. I have been told hundreds of times over the past four years about the hatred for this neighbor. I had students give speeches about it in English class, I've had strangers tell me how bad their neighbors are, and I have been to the "Museum of Jp Aggression" in Nanjing. I rolled my eyes and went about life like nothing, because for the most part my experience here in HZ has been peaceful and pleasant.

But a few days have gone by and the political poo has hit the political fan. There is nothing more unifying than a common enemy and I find it interesting that this whole shabang occurred during a time when the Chin. VP went "missing" for a few days. No one is caring about that if they are busy hating someone else. Diverted attention. A Commie method that has worked for decades.

I don't want to say too much for obvious reasons, but though the "p's" in HZ have been unnerving, they are nowhere near as violent as other cities in Ch. A Starbucks was blown out in another city and gas stations are refusing to put oil in Jap. made cars. Panasonic has closed plants because of vandalism and violence, and I am scared to go into a sushi shop. For real. Jap. based grocery stores have been vandalized and a hotel had it's windows blown out this past weekend. Today, streets were blocked and pol. officers on duty because of pol. groups chanting in the streets with hate banners. Police officers. Unbelievable.

The thing is, "p's" in Ch. are different than everywhere else. There is only one side. They are chanting against an enemy that cannot hear them. And frankly, the fervor of the uneducated and ignorant is scary.

My taxi driver turned off the car this afternoon while we watched the "p" go by. At first I was nervous to get out of the car and take pics, but then decided that I didn't care. After about 20 minutes, the road was open again and we were free to continue about our day. I took the opportunity to ask my driver, "What good does this do?' As the caravan screamed and shouted beside us. "This is just annoying to every citizen, this does no good," I said.

"JP is evil!" he said and shook his fist.

I shook my head. "Have you ever been there?" I asked.


"Do you know any JP people?" I asked.


"Then how can you say that? Don't be ignorant and uneducated. You sound dumb when you say hateful things."


I'm sick of hate-talk. I'm sick of ignorance. I'm sick of hearing people hate on another group of people without any answer as to why. This is happening now in the Arab world and this is happening now across Ch. Passion fueled by political motives is wild and uncontainable. And in a country where homeland is king/god/religion...this is even more true.

Let's all hope for peace. I want to go to the local sushi joint without being afraid. Let's hope that's possible soon.

Cars stopped for a pol. brocade. on the other side of the street marching. I took this pic from the passenger seat of a taxi...

What Mushu thinks about all the firecrackers outside....

Again, I feel like I live in CNN.

walk slow. xoxo.

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