Sep 2, 2012

olive oil and cold remedies.

It was a gorgeous moon a few nights ago as I made my way to the outskirts of town to see Batman with a few friends. Things like stars, the moon, and the sun are commodities around here so I especially enjoyed being shined down upon by the glowing moon. 

There are only a certain number of foreign movies allowed into Ch.ina each year, so I try to make it to see the big ones and feel like I am doing my American duty to stay somewhat in tune with pop culture.

Movies here are just as expensive, if not more, as back home (I paid $13 bucks for my ticket). And you are assigned seats. I like having assigned seats at the movies. It makes things simple.

Unfortunately, since Friday night I have become incredibly ill. Bad timing with the start of the semester, but good timing I guess because I do not have classes yet and my work has not kicked into full gear - it is still on-line focused for another week or so. 

I am not sure how the head cold, body shakes, feverish-ness got me as I have been eating healthy, taking my vitamins, resting enough, exercising, and drinking water. How did these germs get me!? Ugh.  

My dear friend Natasha today brought me some Chi.nese medicinal tea for head colds and I've been hoping that tomorrow I will feel better. I like that many Chi.nese medicines are tea-based. Ch.inese people hate taking pills as they are associated with Western meds. I have not ventured too far into Ch.inese medicine, as thankfully I've only gotten sick about once a year and have a life-time stash of Dayquil and Nyquil from the States. But I figured this tea couldn't hurt and I need to get better fast - why not a one/two punch of Dayquil and secrets! haha. The best of both worlds conquering my flu. 

The tea is delicious and sweet. And I have no idea what is in it. But I don't care.

My room is a den of sadness because not only am I hawking up a lung and sick as a dog, my baby cat has ear mites! I have been pouring olive oil in his ears as per a google search, but he hates me for this and his ears aren't getting better. I really hope I am well enough tomorrow to go searching for cat ear drops. Poor guy. I cried over his little inflamed ears yesterday. I can't imagine how it must be to be a mother of a human. I cry over my cat. haha. He is now sitting in my laundry bucket, with ears matted in imported olive oil, giving me the stink eye:

So that's all the excitement from my corner.
I'm off to drink some unknown tea.
Fingers crossed for health!

walk slow. xoxo. 

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