Sep 6, 2012

out of hiding.

After two days of hermit-ing it up in my room and chugging unkown Chin.ese herbs like my life depended on it, I am now feeling much better and venturing out into the world. Hallelujah. It's great to be alive and well. 

It's been a rainy few days, but that has only freshened up the air which is a nice change and brought cooler temps (80 instead of 102). I'll take it! 

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I love weeping willows. 

Yesterday I rode the bus all around town searching for teacher clothes but the only foreign things are way too expensive or not teacher-y enough. I have visions of cute button downs, pencil skirts and pumps but alas none of that exists here in sparkle, tacky, fun-sized world. (where's a Target when you need it? waaaaaa).

I did, however, lust after this girl's gold sparkle bag enough to take a stalker pick while riding the bus. I love your bag, stranger girl!


A friend and I got our nails done and I told my nail girl I wanted a, "teacher color," because I couldn't decide. I ended up with a nice gray. I'll take it.

fit for a teacher. 

I was able to get Mushu some imported ear drops and he hates me for it. Little does he know those drops he hates so much are going to heal his little furry ears. He is currently ignoring me which is not going so well considering we live in a dorm room. Silly cat full of catitude. (After I typed this, he came and sat by me on my desk. I guess catitude has its limits and my furry friend is back).

sweet baby cat.

And when not jaunting around in the rain or answering a million emails, I have been reading fascinating materials on medical things I have no idea about. The hospital told me they would pay me extra for editing these articles and then when I was paid today after english class, there was no extra money. This has happened twice when I was asked to edit, told I would be paid more, and then not paid. I'm not sure if I will say something to my boss or not. Being taken advantage of is not new around here, and I never know when to speak up and when to just say, "Who cares. It's not worth the struggle. I helped someone. I'm not dying for the extra $30."

But $30 could buy me a sparkle bag....hmmm....should I say something? I'm so bad at this.

coronary artery lesions. cool? 

Things are good. Normal. Great. Healthy.

Thank goodness. Onward we go.

walk slow. xoxo.


Jessica said...

The Kawasaki paper sounds really interesting (one of my favorite kid diseases...random fact :) And even more interesting because countries on that side of the Pacific Ocean do things a tad different than over here, but interesting interesting. Just geeked out on you, sorry! Hope all is well!

Miss Lynda said...

Hey Jessica. Don't know if you go back and read your older posts, but got another cold remedy that you should be able to find there. At the onset of head colds and congestion, get a garlic clove, cut the top off, drizzle with olive oil (can you get olive oil there?) and bake, at about 400 until it gets soft. Squeeze the garlic out on a piece of toast, spread it around and enjoy. Dr. Denise says it tastes good and will put the defenses up against a cold any day!Keeping you in thoughts and hearts for a speedy recovery. Hope this helps you next time you start to feel yucky! Love you!