Feb 11, 2011

you know you've lived in China a long time when...

You return to America and...

1. You find yourself standing incredibly close to the people in front of you when waiting in line.

2. You take 5 minutes to pull out of your neighborhood when driving because the oncoming traffic is driving so fast. (and you are not used to driving).

3. You gain 10 pounds in 3 weeks. (sugar! cheese! portion size!)

4. You find yourself in a large group of people and love the anonymity. AKA being in the majority is comforting. ("No one is staring at me/pointing at me/taking my picture!")

5. You can't sleep at night because it's so quiet.

6. Seeing the night stars makes you want to sing opera to a lover.

7. You point out every.single. sunrise or sunset to your family. "Look at the sky! Look at the colors!"

8. You can't go to a Target or Walmart store without spending 2 hours looking at all the pretty things.

9. You can't stop smelling freshly cleaned laundry.

10. Just being in a warm home, with carpet, dogs, and cable tv is the greatest and most content feeling in the world.

walk slow. xoxo.


Jenna said...

my favorite is #6 because:
1) i love opera
2) you said "a lover" rather than "your lover" or "my lover," implying you have multiple but are selecting just one to whom you sing.

agapelife said...

i love them all! glad you're enjoying home. I miss you a ton and talk about how wonderful you are to just about everyone I know! be blessed