Feb 25, 2011

Guess who's back...back again...

Hello friends near and far!

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I have been MIA. Making Intense Awesomness.

48 hours after I landed in good ol' Chiner, I jetted off once again. This time to the Kong Kong border city - Shenzhen. My traveling companions, partners in randomness, best friends from my grad program came back to China to visit! (They both moved back to the Land of the Free this year...leaving me here with no one to late night text in fits of China panic and no one to plan spontaneous trips with.)

I spent the last week down south with slews of old friends and was hard pressed to come back to my "normal life" today. We just had so much fun. It was like fake life - shopping, eating, traveling to random cities, group dinners, spa visits, massages, hotels...

I'm still going through the pictures from the week. So for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the reading selections from the Shenzhen Airlines magazine that was in the seat back pocket on my flight home tonight. I spent the 2 hour flight trying to figure out how someone gets qualified to be a content editor in China and why these topics were chosen for an airline magazine...

First up we have an article entitled "More Sexy" complete with photographic tips that look like couples yoga - showing a white dude and a Chinese chick or a Chinese dude and a white chick in each pic. Oh, hey.

Next up: Does your valentine want some "Funny" gifts? (Funny is the normal translation for "interesting" or "amusing" ---oh, Chinese.) Apparently, funny gifts include underwear sets, perfume, or cell phones.

Or, if funny gifts guides aren't your thing, what about reading, "Beard is a Sexy Conspiracy"... also complete with picture guides featuring Chinese men showing you step by step how to get your beard to look like George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, or some other famous white dude I whose name I don't know. Mmmmmm sexy conspiracies. Perfect reading at 30,000 feet. (?)

Or...if you crave something more "native," how about some, "Fun Stories of Chopsticks?"

Last but not least, let's not skip over the article detailing, "Haagen-daz's Magic." The world needs to know. Or at least patrons of Shenzhen Airlines need to know.

Oh, China. So amusing, down to every detail. I can't even take a short flight without a hearty chuckle.

Too bad the only things translated in the magazine were the headlines. I sure would love to have read some fun chopsticks stories. Maybe next time.

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

hahaha! Seriously cracked me up

JGrine said...

hahahahaha. Fun Stories of Chopsticks. I should submit a story of my epic fail at eating on Christmas in Shanghai.

Mom said...

I would like to read the article about ice cream! Especially, since they don't have very many of those specific shops around.