Feb 5, 2011

Why walk slow?

America is still wonderful.

I've seen stars at night, Florida sunsets, spnt 800 hours in either Publix, Wal-mart of Target, spent over 100$ on deodorant, hair products, makeup, and shoes not available in Chiner. There is just so....much....here.

I've gained at least 5 pounds in the past week and a half. Darn you, Klondike bars and Chick-fil-a.

Anywho. That's not what I'm hear to chat about today.

I want to answer a burning question I am sure all 3 of my readers have been itching to ask. Why end each blog post with the signature "walk slow"?

Well, 3 readers, here is the answer! The Chinese have a saying, "man zou" (walk slow). It is used as a farewell or goodbye. I first started hearing it when leaving restaurants or shops. In these cases it is used in the same way the english phrase "take care" is used.

"Thanks for coming to our shop. Walk slow."

The phrase is interesting to me because the Chinese do in fact, walk slow. Sidewalks are jammed with people walking four in a row and at a snails pace. I have difficulty walking slow, which I think is true for most people of my culture.

When I get off the bus for work and have 4 blocks to walk to the hospital, it is the time of day that highschoolers are leaving class. They block up the alley streets and walk incredibly slow while eating their after school snacks of ice cream and meat on a stick. I find it hard to walk slow behind them, this challenges me to be a more patient person.

In a digital age like the one we live in, to walk slow means to mind the journey, to watch where you step. If you are walking slow, you will not fall. Don't hurry, life will continue on whether your heart rate is up or not. I love this. It's endearing, right?

"Man zou" is as much a phrase as a cultural philosophy.

So, walk slow, my dear friends.



Lizzie Brown said...

I like it!

Lauren Alissa Hunter said...

Interesting! I didn't realize that's where it came from... and haha so true about the slow walking-ice cream-eating-students! Love it, good memories!

Jenna said...

i'm going to ridgecrest in july! for a c*planting conference!!!