Aug 27, 2010

it's that time again.

Time to pack up my life for a year in Chi.naville. You would think that after doing this cross-atlantic jaunt several times the packing would get easier. It does in some ways. I now know that one person cannot possibly drink 15 boxes of crystal light packets in a single year. (learned that the hard way, haha). But it also makes things harder because I have so many "can't live without" items because I know just how meager my options are for everyday imperatives once I step off that plane into the logic-free zone.

Here's the (in-progress) stash of Ame.rican goodies:

As you can see, the dogs are quite concerned that I pack the right amount of everything and therefore are monitoring my packing progress.

I have in my head a labeling of the items. The "I will not get on the plane without this" stash and the "if my bag is too heavy, toss to mom to send to me later, even though she won't" stash.

Here's how it goes down:
years supply of tampons (non-negotiable)
years supply of deodorant (I'd fight someone for this)
lotion/body spray (could go, but I'd be sad)
leave in hair conditioner (toss-able)
vitamins and dayquil/nyquil (non-negotiable)
clean and clear facewash/astringent (not doing a repeat of last year when I ran out and cried)
Oil of Olay: (I would swim home to America for this product)
sensodyne toothpaste: (toss-able)
years supply of makeup (someone would die if they took this from me)
3 boxes of peppermint tea (it could go, but there's be deeply emotional consequences for me)
disposable razors/shaving cream/loofah (could go)
travel size products for my trips (could go, but didn't make it last year and was missed)
years supply of contacts (um....don't wanna be blind. although not seeing all the people staring at me might be nice. hmmm...)
HUGE box of fiber one bars/pudding boxes/larabars/crockpot seasoning packets: (undecided)
BPA free water bottle (these things gotta be replaced every year after the crap they go through in asia)
rainboots (non-negotiable)
HUGE vat of vanilla extract (non-negotiable - ch.ina, you can have my 20's, but you can't have my woman-hood. girl's gotta bake. in a crockpot.)
several pairs of size "tall" tights: (non-negotiable and not heavy, thank goodness)
books/lined notecards: negotiable to an extent
bilingual Bible: (non-negotiable)
a fitted sheet: (non-negotiable, fun fact: there are no fitted sheets in
medical forms (duh)
gifts for Chinese friends (non-negotiable, I've gotten smarter about these. This year they get .5 ounce bottles of perfume)

and this is BEFORE we get to the fun fun clothes portion of this packing extravanganza. And before I start thinking of the small carry-on things: (ipod, chargers, convertors, chinese phone, passport, etc.)

Annie thinks it's going good!

Now off to Walmart (again)! I still need a shoe water proofer, more larabars, and a white button down shirt.

And maybe a little swing by Chik-fil-A. Just because I can. Because in 72 hours all this goodness goes away.

Oh America, why do I leave you and your neverending supply of shampoo formulated for curly hair, cheese, and size 10 shoes?! Oh well. I guess there's more to life than being comfortable.
Even though I still hang on to so many Amer.ican things that make my life "easier" - like, tampons. I used to say that one day I would be able to just fly to china with some shoes and clothes and be fine, but now I don't think that will ever happen. At least not until they start importing oil of olay. :)

walk slow. xoxo.


Lauren Alissa Hunter said...

haha! I feel like I wrote this EXACT same post four months ago.

Lizzie Brown said...

are you telling me they don't have razors there? what do those women do?

Ke Xiao Mei said...

lizzie: I once was at a salsa club with a friend from the states and while we were dancing he said to me, "it's so nice to see a shaved armpit."

so...nope. The majority of women don't shave anything and the men's razors are really bad quality. It's a crazy world.