Aug 5, 2010

hello, roomie.

I googled my new university last night hoping to find some info on rankings to give to my parents and ease their souls about me leaving for 8 million more years. Or maybe it's my soul that needs to be eased....but I digress.

Along the way in google-land I found this:

And I was filled with thankfulness.

And I realized that one of these peope will be my new roomie.
I'm so excited about the possibilities. I'm about to learn so much. I hope my brain can take it.
But for now I am loooooving summer in Amer.ica. Like, lovity love loving.


agapelife said...

so fun to see "doctoral" next to your name. How do you feel about having a roommate again. Big shoes to fill that new roommate of yours!

Ke Xiao Mei said...


FOR REAL, roomie has BIG shoes to fill! I'm actually excited about the roommate situation bc it's just for a year then I get my own place (all free) and the place where I get to live is AWESOME. It's like a huge international community. I know it'll suck sometimes, but I'm stoked for the chances to know all those diff people. We'll see how it goes...:)