May 17, 2010

there is a heaven...

...and babies go there.

I recieved news today that baby orphan Harrison died 2 days ago from congenital heart failure.

We're grieving in Han.gzhou today.

But we are thankful also, that his pain is over and he is in a better place. Some friends and I have gotten to talk a lot about babies and death today and had some wonderful conversations about the afterlife. Does good come from pain? I certainly expect so.

Almighty, Father of all mercies and giver of all comfort: Deal graciously, we ask thee, with those who mourn, that casting every care on thee, they may know the consolation of thy love, through Him.

--The Book of Common Pr.a.yer


Anonymous said...

One of my childhood friends gave birth to her first baby a couple weeks ago and her sweet daughter died 6 days later. Lots of good has come through it, and she has a humble, thankful heart.

agapelife said...

what a gorgeous prayer.
I'm mourning today with you