Jan 5, 2016

Uganda: The Safari.

You know those, "How did I get here," moments? 

The times in your life when you pause to take stock of the scene around you and narrate your life to yourself so that you truly believe that it is you in that moment? 

I had several of those moments while on safari in Uganda. I was in what seemed to be a constant narration of my life..."Jessica from homogenous, suburban Florida who grew up at swim lessons and summer camp is now taking photos of hippos in Uganda and sleeping in a tent surrounded by warthogs..." 

If you ever find yourself in Uganda and want to take a budget safari, I highly recommend Red Chilli Tours. We had a great experience traveling from their home base in Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park - 6 hours away! (ugh). Our safari companions were from all over the world and were so much fun, the tents we slept in at the park were comfy and cute, and the animals did not disappoint. 

Seeing giant living things (that could crush you) wandering around their natural, preserved habitat is humbling. Several times I thought to myself, "It's just little us in this little car and that elephant is in charge." It was so great to have an experience where animals were in their total glory. I kept thinking how the earth is so complex, how the circle of life *cue Lion King reference* is happening all day every day. The world works in such harmony of life and death and existence. The animal world shows us that. 

We saw a pride of lions from far away, several elephants, buffalo, antelope, hippos, tons of birds, flamingos, warthogs, and crocodiles. 

Come on safari with me....enjoy the pics...

our safari tent! couldn't sleep because warthogs wandered around at night. 

after safari Nile Special beer on the Nile River!

elephant selfie

super zoom - super cool. 

crater lake

our international crew: holland, farrow islands, uganda, america, china, germany, denmark...

"Africa gives you the knowledge that man is a small creature, among other creatures, in a large landscape." - Doris Lessing

walk slow. xoxo. 


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Lindsey Franson said...

So, I'm very much behind on your Africa travels... but because a piece of me is forever on that beautiful continent, and specifically Uganda - I loved this.

What you've shared so far (I've slowly read through all of your posts since you began) sounds like every one of my months spent there... exhausting, confusing, beautiful, communal, intriguing, and thoroughly inspiring.

Keep on, dear lady.