Jan 27, 2016

No TV, No Problem.

Last week I had the chance to assist my friend in her Women's Leadership course that is affiliated with the upcoming American Corner in Kigali.

I love when I get to visit with the women in the class. They are politicians, journalists, businesswomen, teachers, and refugees. They are smart, classy, open-minded, and dress like they are walking a cat walk. They bleed fun and interesting into the classroom.

We sat in small groups and had the ladies interview the visiting teachers. It was during these interviews that one of the most hilarious cross-cultural discussions of my entire life abroad occurred...Read and laugh and ponder...

Student: Because you are white and with your size you could be married in 2 months here.
Me: I don't want to marry someone because I am white, I want to marry someone because we are a good team. I can't use my color as an advantage that is crazy.
Student: But with your size! You need an African man!
Me: I know, my two ex-boyfriends are African.
Me: But...why about my size? Why do African men like big women?
Student: Because they don't have TV!
Me: ... *puzzled face*
Student: They don't know skinny girls exist!

* exploding laughter on both sides *

Well. That's settled.

(And quite deep if you think about it...lack of exposure to television/media makes a more realistic ideal woman within society...hmm).

walk slow. xoxo.

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