Nov 1, 2012


After two weeks of panic attacks, insomnia, and dizzy spells, I've decided that - yes, I am indeed stressed out. I can't do all that my job and school require at the same time. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel - December 15th I will be free of one section of my university course and wil lose 10 students. 

As much as I love my students and university partners, I am ready to feel like a normal, non-manic person again. 

Luckily, Halloween arrived at just the right time and I decided to let loose and enjoy the American holiday to its fullest. My friends and I celebrated last weekend and on the holiday itself, and it was a jolly time for all. 

The first party was my friend's group function to share holiday culture with Ch.inese people. It was nice, low-key, and a good time...

I went as, "Professor Kitty" can sign up for my course in Feline-ism next semester.

With a lack of many options for costume purchases in this great land, people had to get creative. And the Ninja Turtles were a fan favorite of the night...

Then, on Halloween itself, I went as, "soemone you can count on," and started at a friend's house party and moved onto the student bar later in the evening. It was nice to chill and remember that though I am a professor, I am also a student.

me, my Chinese tutor, and one of my bff's

It was a truly international affair, as all parties here seem to be, with every corner of the world represented. In our costumes however, we all looked the same - silly.

My co-worker and I chilled with some C.hinese friends after I left the house party and I spent the rest of the night explaining my "punny costume" to people whose first language isn't English. Turns out, being "someone you can count on," and wearing a dress with numbers all over it doesn't translate. Ha.

And another Halloween has passed. Yay for the excuse to let loose.

On another note, isn't it strange and concerning that as an absentee ballot requester, I recieved more than several political ads in the mail recently?? To my DORM ROOM in CH.INA. Talk about a waste of energy and resources. Email me instead, people!

More life updates coming soon (including a big one). But I'm hitting the hay. Got a training run in the morning and another day of traveling and observations.

December 15th....please hurry!!!

walk slow. xoxo. 

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agapelife said...

oh a big one! you've left me in suspense. Happy voting and Happy Halloween.