Jul 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ting!

So, Miss Ting Ting is making her rounds around my bloggy blog!

First, graduation....now, a birthday!

Tonight we met at the imensely popular West Lake location of Grandma's Kitchen - the yummiest most delectable place to eat in Hangzhou. (my humble opinion, haha).

See, doesn't that look luscious?!?!

Even the decor is different - more "modern" than most places around town. I especially loved these pots that reached to the ceiling and had writing on them...

Table Awesome (3 tables of friends were at the gathering) - including a professor in the back who is making some rounds visiting some people in the area.

the birthday girl and her beau, and her rabbit cake...

now that's a genuine smile if I've ever seen one!

It was a wonderful night. I'm so thankful to have these friends in this place.

walk slow. xoxo.

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