Jul 12, 2011

Christmas in July.

The worst thing about living abroad is saying goodbye.

I've gotten to the point where if I meet someone and find out they are staying here less than a year, I don't even try to get their phone number and be friends - what's the point, they'll just leave soon!

I am super blessed to have a strong support system of long-termers - even a few friends that have been with me through it all the last 3 years. In a lifestyle where people come and go with each passing month, having stable friendships has been such a lifesaver.

In this season of goodbye's, it is even sad to see those friends off for the summer!

Tonight was Hannah's last night in HZ for the summer. She's heading back to the Motherland of freedom and blue sky and Publix.

A few of us met up for homemade tacos (you can do wonders with flour and water!) and then indulged in Steph's Christmas Pudding from England. She left it to me today and told me to celebrate it next Christmas (since she won't be here) :( :( But I decided I couldn't eat Christmas Pudding witout my fave Brit, so we all partook of it together after our taco feast, after singing a few Christmas carols to mark the occasion. Awesomness.

After the pudding, we took some pics, watched Veggietales in Chi.nese, then said 800 hour long goodbyes. Steph and Hannah won't be seeing each other again, so the obligatory, "I'll come visit you, you come visit me..." conversation took place.

Goodbyes are really all the same.

Your heart is thankful to have met this person and sad to be parting because it means an era is over, but you also realize that people come in and out of your life all the time. You pledge to hold onto the good, celebrate Christmas in July, and hope one day to meet again, even if just in a better place.

I cycled home just in time to get my nightly call from my mom, who then skyped me on her iPhone. I then got to do my new fave thing - go on errands with my mom and sister. Today I went to the shoe store, sat in the car with my mom while my sister went into the bank, and road in the car with them. It's fun to be together, it almost feels like I'm really there in person!

With all these goodbye's lately, I'm so glad that I soon get to say some very special HELLO'S! To my family!!! I'll see my sister in a week and my parents in 2 weeks....weeeeee!

Now that's even better than Christmas Pudding in July!

walk slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

technology is awesome. Excited to be one of your hello's very soon!

Mom said...

I love going on errands with you! How much fun was that? :)