Feb 1, 2010

I Miss Florida.

I got guilted into a spontaneous trip up north...leaving tomorrow and returning Thursday, just in time to leave for Mala.ysia on Friday. (talk about never a dull moment - haven't unpacked from Ame.rica, and I'm off on another airplane from Shan.ghai). I'm nervous because it is a Chin.ese home-stay situation that could potentially have awkward implications. Level of awkwardness potential: 11 on a 10 scale. I'll update you, little blog, after the fact. (I know you're riveted). I'm currently racking my brain for an appropriate visitor gift. I'm currently leaning towards blueberry muffins made from a mix brought from home. That's nice, right? Hm...

When I asked if I should bring my winter coat I was told, "It was snowing, but now it is getting warmer and warmer." Well, I'm not exactly sure what the Chin.ese idea of "warm" is, but when I looked up the weather, this is what I got...

Weather for Weifang, Shandong, China

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2°C | °F
Wind: NE at 11 km/h
Humidity: 31%

3°C | -6°C
Partly Sunny
1°C | -4°CWed
Mostly Sunny
3°C | -6°C
Mostly Sunny
6°C | -3°C

I'm bringing my coat. And 8 pairs of long johns. And a kleenex to wipe my tears as I dream of Florida...

In other news...I miss my sister...

Cheers, xo.


agapelife said...

will be thinking of you! love

JGrine said...

that pic of us is hawt.