Nov 25, 2009

Holiday Season Abroad: Round Two

So, frankly speaking, spending the holiday season in a country with completely foreign holidays/ethics/freedoms/manners/language/toilet habits is a little depressing. I seriously have been debating (as I did last year) of simply ignoring every major holiday and going about my life like they don't exist. Pilgrims? Who are they? Christmas? That's everyday. No need for tinsel and lights. Valentines Day? Nope. Easter...I already own a bunny. And she's responsible for the destruction of my kitchen floorboards, which means Easter is definitely out.

But as good as that sounds to bypass the 'holidays abroad depression', I am deciding to half-heartedly embrace this holiday season as I did last year. It is even harder this year because my sis won't be making the journey across the ocean to me for Christmas (you suck, Jennifer). Which means first Christmas alone. In freakin Chin.a. (the Motherland and I are not getting along quite well these days, but I am sure it will pass after Christmas/people stop hawking loogies/they start making size 10 shoes/my broken foot fully heals/my thesis gets approved. order to harness the Thanksgiving spirit that is so prevalent on facebook (torture, btw) I have decided to suck it up and make a list of the things that I truly am thankful for here in the Red Country.

So, without further ado...

1. Hairwashers.
The metrosexual men who have prettier hair than most Ameri.can women always make my day. The fact that there is a hair shop every 10 feet makes my walks to the grocery store very entertaining. I get my hair washed about once a week, not because of cleanliness but because the crowd around my chair is so entertaining. A-symmetrical hair on asian men is mmmmmmm amasian.

2. Pedigree dog milk chews.
My rabbit is 20 pounds because of these things. And they cut down on the amount of carrots I have to buy each week. (my rabbit is the size of a small dog).

3. Wine in a can. (also known as WIC amongst some circles)
The carbonated, 3% alcohol, canned goodness is what keeps me above water some days. Pop open a can of "rose sparkling" and people around you suddenly wonder where they can get some of that. This stuff should be exported.

4. My Hello Kitty blanket.
It's cold. I have no heat. I love my blanket I bought off the street from some person selling blankets off their motor bike. Nothing like a bright pink hello kitty to make falling asleep cold a little more bearable. I looove it.

5. Hair jewelry.
Asians know how to accessorize. It's a rare day there's not a flower on my head. For any occasion. I never plan on giving this up as long as I am under 100 years old. It's so fun.

6. 7 quai (1 dollar) pirated dvd's.
These suckers might be illegal in most countries, but I am indulging while I am here.

7. New Zealand butter.
I only buy milk and butter from New Zealand. After the milk sc.andal last year, I'm not taking my chances. Who wants plastic in their milk? And for some reason I feel really exotic buying the NZ dairy products. It makes me feel cool, like my shopping cart is multi-cultural.

8. Blind massages.
Every needs to have this experience in their life. Blind people beating you til you bruise then laughing at how "da" (big) your butt is as they knead your (my) fat. It is life changing.

9. Chou mien. (fried noodles)
I could eat this every second for the rest of my life. And then ask for more in Heaven.

10. H&M
This mega store opened 2 weeks ago and I have already gotten another job to support my shopping habit. I can actually buy clothes that fit! This is revolut.ionary. Hangzhou is moving up in the world, and I plan to take full advantage as much as my meager paycheck allows.

This is my top ten random things that I am thankful for as I am writing this. Of course, there are other things like, my amazing students, my friends, the ability to learn Chinese, my church family, my tutees, my amazing apartment, and the excitement of living a true life adventure.

I hope that you all have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving. Spend it with the ones you love.
I'll be at the all you can eat/drink Japanese restaurant drowning my sorrows in Japanese beef, fried rice, and sake.

Maybe next year, there will be turkey. Who knows. Gobble Gobble.

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agapelife said...

LOVE HandM I enjoyed your list. Hopefully next year you can enjoy the holidays here!