Nov 6, 2009


I was in the vegetable market buying bags and bags of carrots and greens for bunny food today and as per usual, people started talking to me in Chin.ese.

him: "Nali Guo?" (what country?)
me: "Mei Guo De." (Amer.ican)
him: "USA! KFC!"

ahahahahhahahahahaha. Oh,
You never cease to entertain me.


Kim said...

Too funny! USA - KFC!! you experience the funniest things over there, must make for so many chuckles. So good for you to memorialize it all on your blog..Love you and miss you, Aunt Kim

agapelife said...

HAHAHA what a great story. I'm so glad you write them down

.elle.b. said...

MTV! MICKEY D'S! I love your stories.