Oct 25, 2009

Saturday Evening Under the Stars.

Last night was the beginning of the Hangzhou Expo. I'm not sure what that means, but there was a huge fireworks show to celebrate the opening of the Expo. I went to my friend's house and watched the fireworks from the roof of their apartment building. I love these people, and watching the sky light up for over 30 minutes with them was really magical. We grilled a chicken that the boys bought live and then killed (their new fave thing to do, apparently) and had a bird's eye view of the July 4th-esque celebrations across the Hangzhou evening sky.

Some photographic evidence:

Also, today was baby Joseph's dedication service. Remember that baby shower I told you about? Well the baby has arrived! It was meaningful and lovely to be in a room of people from all over the world dedicating this little baby to a life lived on purpose. I can't believe how good Anne looks only 2 weeks after delivering the little bundle of joy! I taught Sunday school, but was there for the dedication.

Here's a few of my Sunday munchkins from Nigeria and Malaysia. They're growing up so fast!:


a few quotes from this weekend to enlighten and entertain...

(In sunday school class)
Me: "who were the pharisees?"
Kid from Venezuela: "MONSTERS!"

(wisdom from a male Chi.nese friend)
Him: "American women are like elephants. Chi.nese women are like deer. Who wants to hunt an elephant, when you can easily have a deer? Elephants are strong and powerful and deer are gentle and do whatever you want...you Americans say - deer in headlamps?"

So...I leave you with this sentiment...don't be a deer in headlamps.


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agapelife said...

hahaha I love the elephant quote...I think I enjoy being an elephant