Oct 14, 2009


My Grandparents at Mt. Kilimajaro, February, 1979.

I want to be like them.
Two down-to-earth people who created a stable family life and yet didn't give up their ideas of traveling the world. One day I want to tell my grandkids stories of my travels and tell them that it was because of my grandparent's stories that I harbored a desire to explore.

They are in Vegas this week, because after 53 years of marriage they haven't been to 'Sin City" and want to see what all their friends have been raving about - shows, lights, festivities.
They never stop exploring. And neither will I. I love you, Mamaw and Gramps!


.elle.b. said...

I love reading your blog.

Mom said...

I hope Grandpa reads this soon. He and Grandma will love this!

agapelife said...

this is precious!!!

Kim said...

Hi Jess, what a beautiful tribute to Mamaw and Gramps - made me misty-eyed. I have always thought the same about them...2 of the most wonderful people in the world!