Feb 9, 2016

5 month switch up.

The story is long and dramatic. But the blog post won't be. 

Last week, at the 5 month, half-way point of my fellowship, I was granted funding and permission to move from the goat field to the city. Several of my superiors masterminded and worked to grant me this funding and approval. I am thankful for the kindness and understanding of my bosses, who understood that my situation was unique in its crappyness, but also recognized my true desire to be here and keep going. 

Mushu and I have a one bedroom apartment in a wonderful and convenient part of town. I have a kitchen. I have tile floors. I have a hot water heater, a flushing toilet, and electricity 95% of the day. 

I'm so pleased, and relieved, and guilty. I feel so guilty for being happy having creature comforts. 

But for now, I am resting in my bedroom. Safe, comfortable, and surrounded by conveniences that make me feel better prepared to do my job. 

Kibungo will be one of those things that I am really, truly glad it happened. 
And really, truly glad it's over. 

Photos of moving day:  

the boys and mushu having a final pow-wow

goodbye, goat boy! we love you! 

the last ear scratch 

Mushu throwing a fit 

We both will miss our yard! 


best friends saying goodbye

Cheers to 5 more months of a fellowship in Rwanda, without evacuations and commuting!

walk slow. xoxo.

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