Sep 13, 2015

JFK Airport Wifi Sucks. And other travel thoughts.

Well, the day has come! That ridiculous list of things (see prior post) and I have started the 32 hour journey to Kigali. The flights are not actually that bad - 3 hours to JFK, 7.5 hours to Amsterdam, 8.5 hours to Kigali. It's the layovers that are a doozy. And lovely, generous JFK airport only gives 30 minutes of free wifi....during my 6 hour layover. So go the joys of travel.

Everything went well getting ready. My usual night-before panic set in and I stayed up all night mulling over whether or not to bring my third, overweight luggage. It just feels like now I am one of "those people" who traverse the world with way too much crap. In the end, I brought everything with me and the lady at Delta only charged me 75$ for the overweight extra luggage. I thought it would be 300$! So that was a fabulous start to this little jaunt around the world with my cat.

Speaking of cat...Mushu is currently passed out with his eyes open while I sit here at Shake Shack in Terminal 4. He has a puppy pad and a Delta blanket and seems snug as a bug. For now, at least. He awoke about 2 hours into our flight to JFK and started meowing at me, which made me nervous for the many hours to come. But thankfully his kitty valium kicked in and he is in peaceful slumber for a few more hours, hopefully. It will wear off in Amsterdam at which point I'll decide whether to give him some more or not. I probably won't because at that point in the game he should be able to handle the stress on his own. After this trip, Mushu will have "set paw" on 4 continents! Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa! What a little trooper.

I had such a great 7 weeks home in America. Decompression was necessary after the hell of a semester (entire experience?) last year. I feel that this transition was smooth, logical, organized, and life affirming. Which is so reassuring after years of chaos.

I am just utterly amused that I am flying to Rwanda today with my cat. Who would have thought? Well, I kinda did. ;)

Thanks to my rockstar parents for the hospitality and generosity this summer. I really don't deserve how amazingly good to me (and my sister) that they are. Gems, those two.

miss these boogers already. 

Mushy the traveling Chinese kitty - drugged out of his mind.

We are 6 hours in - 26 to go! Plans for the remainder of our JFK layover: download more seasons of Walking Dead, paint my nails, brush my teeth, let Mushu out in a handicapped bathroom stall, and drink another liter of water. Wish me and Mushu (and the people who have to sit next to my stanky bum) luck! We're moving to Rwanda today!

walk slow. xoxo.

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Mom said...

So glad to keep up with you on your trip!!