Apr 15, 2010

Bambi Sighting.

In my almost 22 months of living in Chi.na I have learned to eliminate the word "why" from my vocabulary. The first few months here were full of: "Why is that baby peeing in the aisle of the bus?" "Why did that person just slam into me and not even turn around?" "Why did that man just wander out of the bushes?" "Why don't these people drink cold water?" "Why are the workers following me around?" "Why does everyone take my picture?" "Why did that man just blow his nose with his finger on the side walk?" "Why does everyone stare into my shopping cart?" "Why do boys hold each other's thighs in class?" "Why won't the bus drivers just stop honking?" "Why do people giggle when I walk in the room?"

Oh the world is full of "why's" so it's best just to not ask. Don't ask, don't tell, Chin.a style. It's just better that way.

But today when I went to the grocery store I had a brief interaction with the word "why" again...


a closer look at Bambi...

Who thinks taxidermy is a good way to sell meat?!
There was a pot roast on my grocery list, but somehow I managed to forget that item.
I wonder why?

Walk Slow. xoxo.


agapelife said...

hahahahahahahahahaha BAMBI!

oh boy.

you are missed just so ya know.
My building got together to read last night and I asked them to all be thinking of you :) you were on my heart...as always.

you loved.

agapelife said...

you are loved*

Mom said...

That is so funny!!! They are quite cute! I don't think I would have bought any meat either! Mom

Anonymous said...

Is that a real deer? One of those miniature ones?

.elle.b. said...

wow. that's all I have to say. good thing they don't have that here... it would be hard to fit a giant stuffed cow into Publix I think.